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Spread your message to millions of Spanish speaking persons.
Attract more clients.
Make your brand known to the Spanish Internet surfers.
We can edit, translate, and localize your software, web page, manuals, and any technical and non-technical information from English, French, Italian, and Portuguese into Spanish. That will translate into huge profits for your company.

Translation Services

At 4Translation (Editings, Translations, and Localizations) we use standard (neutral) Spanish for our service. For this reason, our translations can be understood from Mexico to Argentina and from Miami to the Philippines. Our professional freelancers, formed by doctors, engineers, lawyers, computer scientists, webmasters, etc., whose primary language is Spanish, are native or have lived many years in Spanish speaking countries working in their respective professional fields, understand the intricacies of their industry-related vocabulary. There are freelancers offices in Canada, Chile, and the Caribbean.

At 4Translation Spanish-Translations you Find:

Cost-effective and reliable professional translations: You can translate any document from English, French, Italian, and Portuguese into Spanish.
Web Site and Software Localization: You get high quality localizations (here we use regional or local Spanish instead of standard Spanish), internationalizations and globalizations of HTML, text and graphics.
Web Site Translation: Translate your web site today and update it tomorrow.
Text & URL Translator: Machine translator to get the gist of text and web pages.
Translation fields: We have diversified our services into sciences, software, economy, philosophy, ecology, commerce, medicine, computer science, Internet, WWW, E-learning, courses, human resources, finance, customer care, project managing, problem solution, music, literature, arts... you name it!

Save Time and Money with 4Translation - Spanish Translations

High quality work done by professional translators provides the most convenient solutions, large selection, at the lowest cost. Translation services in the United States and Europe are very very expensive compared to ours. However, we offer you a competitive edge with a first-class service. Our proofreading, translation, localization rates are the lowest in the market today: 1-7 per word, depending on text translation difficulty (tables, formulas, technical, jargon).

Translation Process

1. Orders are received by e-mail, web-site upload, or courier service.
2. Materials are reviewed for language complexity, subject matter and length, and are given to the appropriate language translator.
3. The Client may be asked for copies of any previously translated reference materials, existing glossaries and terminology, the geographical target location and any other pertinent details to successfully construct the final product.
4. 4Translation sends a translation sample, as well as a Project Order Form stating final cost and turn-around time which the Client has to approve within 24 hours of receipt of order.
5. Then, materials are translated and electronically typeset to match the original document and to create an exact duplicate in Spanish.
6. The completed first draft is then reviewed: a) an editor compares the translated version with the original to ensure there are no omissions, and the terminological and cultural accuracy of the final document. b) If needed, the translated, edited version is sent back to the translator for changes. c) A proofreader then reviews the materials for grammatical errors and fluency.
7. The final draft is given a last review and then is presented to the Client via e-mail, web- site download, or courier service for final approval.

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